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 Silvia Remeseiro
Silvia Remeseiro

Assistant Professor

Wallenberg Fellow in Molecular Medicine

Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine (UCMM)

Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine (WCMM)

Umeå University, Sweden
 Daniel Sund
Daniel Sund »
Product Specialist at Milmedtek AB with a focus on hypoxia- physoxia- and anerobic systems.

BSc. Molecular biology

MSc. Environmental chemistry
 Krista Rantanen
Krista Rantanen
Director of Scientific Applications – Baker Ruskinn

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Living with 21% O2 was never easy - hypoxia as the norm in animal and Earth history
Thursday, September 30, 2021, 03:00 PM Europe/Stockholm [GMT 2]
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Emma Hammarlund will discuss how most of Earth and animal history has passed under an atmosphere with so low oxygen concentrations that we today would define them as hypoxic. She will present one of the ways animals may have found to harness hypoxia, and thereby, finally live in the energy-laden oxic niche.

  1. 15:00 to 15:05: A Presentation of Milmedtek AB – Daniel Sund
  2. 15:05 to 15:10: A presentation of Baker Ruskinn – Krista Rantanen, Director of Scientific Applications at Baker Ruskinn, PhD
  3. 15:10 to 15:55: Lecture - "Living with 21%O2 was never easy – hypoxia as the norm in animal and Earth history – Emma Hammarlund, PhD
  4. 15:55 to 16:00: Live Q&A
  5. 16:00: Presentation of the next speaker in our webinar series – Daniel Sund
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