Moderated (Q&A) and Private Chat

Not everyone learns at the same pace. And misunderstandings can often be cleared up with a short conversation. So whether it’s a moderated chat session (Q&A), or private discussion among attendees, avoid “chat chaos” and build consensus with ClickMeeting.

The Power of Chat.

You want your web meetings to be as natural and interactive as possible, right? ClickMeeting users believe in the Power of Chat for 3 reasons: it allows attendees to catch up, it helps manage real-time feedback and reactions, and it enables private discussions. Conclusion? Chat actually boosts attendee engagement and understanding!

Strictly Confidential!

Sometimes attendees may get distracted or miss an essential point and need to catch up or get clarification. That’s completely normal… but no one wants to interrupt a meeting and admit they got lost or disagree, right? ClickMeeting makes those private chats easy and totally confidential, so issues can be addressed and resolved quickly – and quietly.

Moderated Chat (Q&A).

Too many people chatting at once? With ClickMeeting’s handy moderation tool, it’s easy and discrete. Let’s say you’d like to discuss a particularly contentious subject: you simply click Chat Moderation (Q&A) and you can decide whether to accept, reject, or edit the comments first. And PSSST! No one sees your choices except other moderators.

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