Full Desktop and Browser Sharing

It's new, it's easy and powerful! New desktop sharing application allows you to share your screen with a single click. You can choose to share full or partial desktop and use drawing tool to support your presentation. Increase your audience's engagement and productivity!

Sharing is Engagement Magic.

Imagine a web meeting where only the presenter could see the materials? Yawn! Sharing brings everyone together on the same page. You can scratch ideas or designs out on the whiteboard or review, annotate and edit right in the docs. You can even open and run a YouTube video.

Toggling Views for Work and Fun.

Seriously, this is a real conferencing power tool. ClickMeeting lets you upload and share multiple views and content, switching between the tabs (views) as you would in a browser. So you can access more files and switch, feature or minimize screens as the discussion evolves. We guarantee your audience will be mesmerized.

Demonstrate. Educate

Every business relies on software to function. So whether you use it to perform your job, train customers and staff, or market technology to prospects, you need to be proficient in the latest applications. ClickMeeting lets you share apps on participant desktops, so you can demo new functionality with clients or employees, regardless of location.

Take Turns at the Controls

Every attendee has something unique to offer. So why not toggle presenters and desktops to maximize your meeting resources?! With ClickMeeting, you can take control of another’s mouse and keyboard in just two clicks. And with a touch of the mouse, they can take it back. It’s the ultimate “hands on” training and collaboration!

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