Audio and Video Conferencing

Connect by phone or Internet (VoIP) from any browser for instant voice or "face-to-face" video meetings
with anyone anytime. You control the interaction,
so productivity soars. You'll complete more projects and close more sales – without taking a step.

Connect Your Way!

ClickMeeting web conferencing works with any browser, any platform, anytime. All you have to do is choose the media that fits your message. Sometimes all it takes is a quick phone call to get work done. Other times, you need the power and impact of a video conference to impress. Whether audio or video, it's always easy – and up to you!

Expand Your Reach.

Need to grow your business but don't have time to travel? With ClickMeeting, you can hold interactive presentations, product demos, even review contracts together - at your client's convenience. You'll close more deals and save serious money - all without leaving the office.

Record and Archive for High ROI.

Web conferences are often loaded with great content − some created for the event, some generated on the fly. ClickMeeting lets you easily record, archive, and reuse that valuable content across your organization! Wait…it gets better. You can upload your own media or pull images onto your whiteboard directly from your Flickr account, ready to share.

Collaborate - Naturally!

We all want to contribute and be heard, so we loaded up ClickMeeting web conferencing with bells and whistles that make online meetings "happen" naturally. Present, share, discuss, edit and brainstorm on the fly. Scribble ideas all over the whiteboard for analysis later. And don't worry, you can manage the interaction so productivity stays high.

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