ClickMeeting Top Features

Introducing online collaboration tools that will boost your productivity and grow your business.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Connect by phone or Internet (VoIP) from any browser for instant voice or "face to face" video meetings with anyone on the planet! You control the interaction, so productivity soars. You'll complete more projects and close more sales – without taking a step.

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Meeting Room Rebranding

Make a great impression and promote your brand to customers, prospects and partners. Add your logo, graphics, brand colors,
and more to your Meeting Room and Waiting Room.
They'll think you paid thousands for a custom design!

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Full Desktop Sharing and Control

It's new, it's easy and powerful! New desktop sharing application allows you to share your screen with a single click. You can choose to share full or partial desktop and use drawing tool to support your presentation. Increase your audience's engagement and productivity!

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Moderated (Q&A) and Private Chat

Not everyone learns at the same pace. And misunderstandings
can often be cleared up with a short conversation. So whether it's
a moderated chat session (Q&A), or private discussion among attendees, chat's a powerful, consensus-building tool.

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Simultaneous Chat Translation

What better way to “go global” than to offer instant Google translation of your chat conversations! Just click to choose your language from 52 available. Say goodbye to awkward gaps in comprehension – and hello to confident, seamless conversations.

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ClickMeeting API

We're all for flexibility! Application Programming Interface (API) is an easy way of connecting two systems together. Using ClickMeeting API you can connect your application, CRM or CMS system to our platform. By doing so you can create and manage your meetings directly in your system - easily!

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